identiFINDER® R400
Next Generation Human Portable Radiation Device


The Next Generation Radiation Detection

The R400 is a logical next generation instrument greatly based on the original identiFINDER. With 10,000+ identiFINDERs deployed worldwide inputs on how to improve this already excellent instrument have been few but valuable. The R400 is the result of taking these inputs and suggestions and adding them to the original instrument. The R400 uses the same engine (electronics) that have proved themselves over many years of superb operation. The housing and three button, one hand operation is also the same. Following is a listing of the features added to make up the R400:

    • TFT, 64k color LCD display that is easily and clearly read in darkness and direct sunlight
    • 12 channel, SIRF III GPS receiver documents the precise location of the investigated incident
    • Reachback via Class 2.0 Bluetooth® connected to DUN capable cell phone provides remote spectroscopy experts direct access to incident data
    • Web interface provides the ability to monitor and configure the instrument using a standard web browser
    • Embedded Windows CE operating system enables heuristic calculations for improved identifications
    • Meets ANSI N42.34 drop and shock requirements
  • ANSI N42.42 data output format ensures compatibility for reachback recipient
  • 1.8 GB event data storage for up to 600,000 radionuclide identifications including spectrum
  • Compatible with STRIDE Data Protocol for network integration

The R400 is able to rapidly detect, quickly locate, accurately measure and precisely identify gamma emitting radionuclides. 
The ability to detect X-ray sources as well as the presence of neutrons in the radiation field via an optional neutron detector enhances the identiFINDERs capability.

The standard R400 includes a 1.4” (35 mm) diameter x 2” (51 mm) long NaI (Tl) detector plus a GM tube, for high gamma dose rate measurements. Instruments are supplied with a carrying holster plus a wrist strap, serial cable, battery pack for rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, charging unit and a carrying case with shoulder strap.  An optional, sealed 3He neutron detector with internal and external neutron moderator can be added for neutron detection. Variations in normal operating conditions can affect the performance of radio-isotope identification devices (RIID) with scintillation detectors such as NaI(Tl) or LaBr3. Dramatic temperature variations can affect the scintillation detector and cause instabilities and non-linearities in the electronics. Dramatic count rate changes will also impact peak positions in a spectrum. The R400 has been developed to correct for all of these circumstances using a power-up, automatic calibration verification and continuous peak stabilization.


  • Customs / Border Security
  • First Responders
  • Civil Defense
  • Military / Law Enforcement
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle/ Environmental
  • Steel / Scrap Metal Certification
  • Nuclear Medicine


  • Clear and readable display in all light conditions
  • GPS provides accurate location information
  • Reachback feature provides convenient access to gamma spectroscpist
  • Web interface eliminates the need for data transfer or set-up software
  • Ruggedized design meets ANSI N42.34 shock requirements
  • Detects, locates, measures and identifies radionuclides
  • Automatic calibration and continuous stabilization
  • Digital signal processing enhances data throughput
  • Easy, three button, one hand operation
  • Visible, audible and tactile alarms
  • Accurate Isotope ID based on template matching technique


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