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The Griffin 460 is the world’s most advanced field-ready GC/MS system and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including forensics, building security, environmental monitoring, mobile laboratories, and general R&D. The Griffin family of products are already in use by the U.S. military, DoD, DHS and other domestic and international agencies for chemical target detection and confirmation. The Griffin 460 expands on previous capabilities of the product line to now offer uninterrupted air sampling and monitoring.


The Griffin 460 provides groundbreaking threat detection capability for critical infrastructure protection. During continuous monitoring applications, the Griffin 460 can be programmed to alert at the presence of selected chemicals in both indoor and outdoor environments for near real-time detection and confirmation.

Utilization of multiple Griffin 460 systems throughout a facility provides a networked protection system that can monitor targeted areas in high profile buildings and event venues. Early warning of a chemical agent or toxic substance release enable critical response actions can to be taken when it matters most.


The Griffin 460 is ideal for field-based forensics and other mobile laboratory applications. By providing laboratory caliber chemical confirmation on-site, the Griffin 460 is helping change the paradigm by bringing the lab to the sample. Using truly mobile GC/MS instrumentation, rapid response is possible. The ruggedized nature of the Griffin 460 allows to it to be taken into any environment where forensic analysis capabilities are necessary.

The Griffin family of products have been extensively deployed as a forensics tool in support of narcotics, explosives and other chemical identification and confirmation missions.  Using the Griffin 460 in conjunction with a hydrogen generator and autosampler is a proven solution for deployment at the site of interest.

  • Expedited sample processing via Autosampler
  • Efficient user interactions via intuitive GSS Level 1 interface
  • Method selector tool guides users via interactive Q&A
  • Targeted library for explosives and narcotics identification

Griffin System Software is extremely user friendly and flexible. Not only does the system offer pre-loaded libraries, it also accommodates the addition of user-defined libraries. Chemical targets can be added as needed. The Method Selector Tool provides an interactive Q&A to guide users through the analytical process. In addition to the forensic hardware and software package, a customized 2-day training course is offered that includes focused sample preparation and field-operator training.


  • Tested to MilSpec 810G
  • Lab-to-sample paradigm
  • Gold standard technique used for chemical identification
  • Compliments other handheld detectors as confirmatory tool
  • Capable of MS/MS differentiation

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