Manned Mobile Surveillance System


  • Force Protection/Military
  • Border Protection
  • Port Security
  • Consequence management
  • Disaster response
  • Crowd management and control
  • Flight line protection and surveillance
  • Parking lot surveillance and traffic management
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency response
  • VIP/Dignitary protection
  • High Level Security Arenas
  • Long range surveillance

SkyWatch Sentinel

The SkyWatch Sentinel facilitates a completely customized surveillance platform. This unit provides the additional line of sight and command and control capabilities necessary to high-level, impermanent security ventures. Compared to a mobile force, the SkyWatch Sentinel provides constant deterrence with nearly unlimited location flexibility. The SkyWatch Sentinel is ideal for commercial and civilian security operations.

SkyWatch Frontier

The SkyWatch Frontier was developed with the intention of being deployed with our military forces and, as such, provides optional ballistic capabilities for those areas in which enemy activity is at its highest. Due to this inherent design, the SkyWatch Frontier can meet the rigors of expeditionary missions not only for the military, but for border patrol and high level security arenas as well.