Fido® XT Explosives Detector
Portable, Handheld Explosives Detection

Lightweight, Trace Explosives Detection

At less than three pounds, the Fido XT portable, trace explosives detector is able to detect common military-grade compounds used in homemade explosives and IEDs, including PETN.

Fido explosives detectors utilize proprietary amplifying fluorescence polymers (AFP) to detect trace levels of explosive materials in parts per quadrillion (ppq). This level of detection is comparable to that of highly trained explosives detection canines, the gold standard in explosives detection technology. Unlike alternative technologies, the exquisite sensitivity of the Fido XT supports detection of both explosive vapor and particulates without the need to modify the system in any way. This unique design enables previously unheard of functionality for explosives detection equipment.

Flexible Configurations

The Fido XT can be configured in multiple formats to accommodate the needs of most explosives detection applications. The system includes a control unit and separate sensor head where actual explosives detection takes place. These two components can be connected directly for one-handed explosives detection operations or via tether for added maneuverability. In addition, the sensor head can be mounted for benchtop applications.

Due to its size and trace vapor detection capability, the Fido XT can be easily integrated as a payload onto robotic vehicles for remote explosives detection applications. Dependent upon the robot, this can be accomplished either by inserting the entire system onto the robotic platform or by attaching the sensor head to a robotic arm.