Star SAFIRE® HD Family
The First True Family of High Definition Imaging Systems

The Most Compact HD Multi-Sensor

Star SAFIRE 230-HDThe most compact HD system available, the Star SAFIRE® 230-HD provides up to seven simultaneous payloads in a 9" package.

Star SAFIRE 230-HD data sheet  LTR A4


  • Compact, single-LRU
  • High definition color CCD camera
  • Large format IR and low light imaging
  • Embedded IMU/GPS
  • Laser illuminator/pointer
  • Multi-target tracker
  • Advanced fiber optic gyrostabilization
  • Digital video interface
  • Simplified common interface standard
  • Military hardened and qualified


  • Up to seven SIMULTANEOUS payloads in a 9” package: IR, color HD, EMCCD, laser pointer, laser illuminator, LRF, IMU
  • High definition 1920 x 1080 color CCD provides the highest level of detail and crisp, clear imagery
  • 640 x 480 Infrared and matched low light, electron multiplied CCD cameras deliver crisp, detailed images in all lighting conditions
  • Embedded, self-contained capability that provides geo-location and geo-pointing for improved tactical coordination and ease of system control
  • Laser pointer covertly pinpoints targets for observers using night vision equipment; laser illuminator maximizes EMCCD performance in extreme low light conditions
  • Advanced capability that tracks targets or scenes with all imagers (IR, color, EMCCD)
  • Outstanding gimbal stability maximizes EO and IR sensor range performance
  • Star SAFIRE 230-HD outputs SMPTE 292M and DVI digital video for all channels, maximizing resolution and range performance
  • Provides standardized wiring to all HD turrets in this family; and to external systems, making this family of systems completely interchangeable and interoperable
  • Proven quality, reliability and performance in the most demanding military environments

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