Star SAFIRE® HD Family
The First True Family of High Definition Imaging Systems

World’s First Full High Definition Multi-Spectral Imaging System

Star SAFIRE HDThe Star SAFIRE® HD is the only EO/IR sensor in its class to provide full digital high-definition video from all of its imaging sensors – with output video that meets US DoD and NATO specifications for HD acquisition. Star SAFIRE HD features megapixel thermal, daylight, and low-light cameras with high magnification optics; laser payloads; and a fully-integrated IMU to precisely locate targets. It is a true digital system, not a hybrid analog/digital system.

Star SAFIRE HD data sheet  LTR A4

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  • Second generation full-HD
  • High definition color in low light
  • 120x zoom ratio
  • Advanced programmable hardware
  • HD-SDI digital output
  • Enhanced standard definition video
  • Optimized usability
  • Multiple laser payloads
  • Maintain Star SAFIRE family compatibility
  • Commercially developed, MIL qualified


  • Full high definition mega-pixel resolution imagery from all sensors for superior range and imaging performance
  • Extend full color imaging into the dark with full high definition clarity and with expanded wide dynamic range
  • High-magnification optics extend detection range to the horizon without sacrificing wide FOV situational awareness
  • Real time HD image processing features extract critical image detail, blend sensor imagery and help overcome atmospheric haze
  • High bandwidth HD-SDI (aka SMPTE-292M) video channels with symbology overlays comply with all government HD standards
  • Analog video installations will benefit from the Star SAFIRE HD’s high resolution digital sensors and high-quality optics
  • View and track ground locations using the embedded, tightly-coupled IMU; follow moving targets with the multi-mode Autotracker
  • Covertly illuminate wide areas, point out distant targets to other forces, and determine target distance and location
  • Total cable compatibility allows operators to upgrade existing Star SAFIRE family installations to high definition with plug-and-play simplicity
  • All-weather design is qualified to the most demanding requirements of MIL-STD-810 and 461