Star SAFIRE® Family
Long range, gyro-stabilized EO/IR systems

Multi-Mission, AWR Certified Imaging Solution for HH-60 and UH-60 Blackhawk Variants

Star SAFIRE IIThe world standard in 320x240 InSb thermal imaging, Star SAFIRE II can carry up to five separate payloads: long-range thermal imager, low-light TV, ultra long-range spotter scope, laser rangefinder and laser illuminator. Fully AWR-certified for use on US Army UH- & HH-60 A and L model Blackhawks, the Star SAFIRE II is combat-proven, reliable and ready.

Star SAFIRE II data sheet  LTR A4


  • High-performance, long range imaging
  • Mil-qualified
  • Multiple payloads
  • 5-Axis stabilization
  • Low-Light/Near IR CCD
  • Automatic target tracker
  • Industry leader


  • The Star SAFIRE II’s microscanned 320x240 mid-wave infrared array gives outstanding detection, recognition, and identification ranges in an affordable 15” imaging system
  • Star SAFIRE II’s hermetically sealed gimbal is battle-tested, AWR certified, and thrives in the harshest operating environments
  • Star SAFIRE II’s modular design and revolutionary optical bench allow simultaneous installation of up to 5 imagers in the same gimbal
  • The SAFIRE family of gimbals features 5-axis stabilization for solid imagery in rough conditions
  • The CCD-TV camera has a low-light, near-IR mode that is useful in areas with minimal illumination
  • Star SAFIRE II’s dynamic target Autotracker follows maneuvering targets from moving aircraft, decreasing operator workload
  • With over 3,000 SAFIRE systems installed on over 60 aircraft types around the world, the Star SAFIRE II is a solid performer in the definitive lineage of infrared imagers