ThermoSight™ Scopes
Infrared Weapon Sights

Advanced Combat Thermal Sights for Long and Short Ranges

An uncooled weapon sight that doubles as a portable reconnaissance scope, the ThermoSight™ T70 and T75 are designed to interface with scopes such as the Trijicon ACOG for the M-4, M-16, and similar weapons.

ThermoSight T70 data sheet

ThermoSight T75 data sheet


  • Multi-use design
  • Long-wave thermal imaging sensor
  • In-line design
  • Ergonomic user-interfaces
  • Easy to use quick detach locking throw lever
  • Dual control modes
  • Adjustable field-of-view
  • Rugged, small, and lightweight
  • No special batteries required
  • Bellows eye cup
  • It’s all FLIR inside


  • Clip-on to day-sight/RCO or use as stand-alone thermal sight for mission flexibility; works with all combat optics and rapidly adaptable to various weapon platforms
  • Provides crisp imagery through total darkness, fog, smoke, dust, and many other obscurants
  • Low opto-mechanical profile minimizes height above rail allowing installation of other devices (RCOs) and minimizes snag hazards
  • Allows operators to keep positive control of the weapon’s muzzle while adjusting the sight
  • Compatible with any 1913 Mil-Std Rail System
  • Precise target acquisition using mini-joystick placed at operator’s thumb and/or remotely via a control pad allowing operators to adjust and control the sight while keeping hands on rails, grips, triggers, ammo-belts, etc.
  • SR: Ultra-wide for increased situational awareness and narrow for enhanced target identification
  • Three zoom capabilities: 1X, 2X, and 0.5X. LR: Native FOV compliments standard RCOs. Three zoom capabilities, 1X, 2X, and 4X, for long range ID and engagement
  • Low Power training mode, High Power for tactical use. Observable with NVGs
  • Minimizes impact on host weapon and reduces operator fatigue. Designed for extreme operating environments and tested to withstand thousands of rounds of rapid fire gun shock
  • Hot swap standard CR123 batteries, no downtime, never have to turn the unit off, can be swapped while weapon mounted
  • Ensures covert operation by eliminating illumination of the operator from the viewfinder
  • FLIR controls the entire supply chain on the critical technology inside the T70/T75 ensuring fast service and long term support