Compact Long Range Airborne Multi-Sensor System

Compact Long Range Airborne Multi-Sensor System

Ultra8500The world's number one selling law enforcement thermal imager, the Ultra8500 is a compact, stabilized multi-sensor system designed for Pursuit/Patrol and Surveillance missions. This model is based on the 9” gimbal design, configured for specific law enforcement missions.

Ultra8500 data sheet  LTR A4


  • 450 mm of optical IR zoom
  • High resolution, digital video processing
  • Combination color and low-light CCD camera
  • Continuous or 3-step matched zoom on all sensors
  • Auto tracker
  • Laser pointer
  • Plug and play commonality


  • Provides greater range than other compact sensors in the same class, allowing aircraft to fly higher and see more
  • Optimizes thermal image contrast automatically based on scene dynamics, resulting in longer detection ranges
  • High resolution color imagery reveals details such as registration numbers and other color contrasts. Low-light mode provides hi-res capability during dawn or dusk operation
  • Ability to track either a target or scene enables hands-free system operation that maximizes mission effectiveness and reduces operator fatigue
  • Leverages the world’s largest STC’d install base, reducing cost and expediting aircraft integration/minimizing aircraft down time