UltraForce® 350-HD
Compact Electro-Optical Airborne System with High Definition

Compact Electro-Optical Airborne System with High Definition

UltraForce 350-HDWith large gimbal performance but weighing in at just 28 kg, the UltraForce 350-HD's all-European content and proven operational performance make it the ideal choice for airborne programs around the world.

UltraForce 350-HD data sheet  LTR A4


  • All European system, single LRU HD system
  • Multiple Fields of View
  • (FOV) 3-5μm thermal imager
  • High Definition color camera with 20x zoom
  • Spotter and laser options


  • All European content, single LRU for ease of installation and integration, digital HD output for all video channels, and IMU for precise geo-location
  • Large format 640 x 512 infrared camera with extended performance optics allows for positive scene analysis at safe stand-off ranges in all weather conditions
  • 1920 x 1080 HD camera maximizes detection range during daytime surveillance missions; the low light function extends operation into dawn or dusk
  • Covertly identify targets at longer detection ranges during daytime surveillance missions; low light camera option provides extended operation into dawn and dusk
  • Outstanding stability ensures stable imagery by compensating for aircraft movement and vibration, critical for long range imaging