FLIR Operator Training Workshop 2013 General Information


  • Gain fresh new perspectives on sensor operations
  • Exchange operational tips and techniques with a diverse group of sensor operators
  • Enhance sensor knowledge and operations
  • Expand techniques for sensor use in different environments and platforms
  • Improve the usefulness of your system
  • 12+ hours of certified training
  • Expert instruction and hands-on experience with a wide range of sensors


  • Enhanced training on different imaging capabilities provided in today's sensors (EO, MWIR, SWIR, Lasers)
  • New technologies in imaging and impacts on the sensor operator
  • SWIR Technology and Applications
  • Systems Integration
  • Intelligent Operations (Navigation and Tracking)
  • Multi-Sensor Command and Control
  • Care and Maintenance of Sensors
  • Logistics Considerations

Supported product lines include:

  • Star SAFIRE II, III & HD
  • Star 380-HD & 380-HLD
  • BRITE Star II & DP
  • TacFLIR
  • Recon III
  • HISS Weapons Sight
  • SeaFLIR
  • Ultra 7500 / Ultra 8500
  • Talon
  • SAFIRE 230
  • SAFIRE 260
  • Ultra 9-HD
  • Weapon Sights


Workshop participants will receive credit for 12 hours of ongoing training toward their branch requirements. A certificate of completion will be given on the last day of training.


FLIR Systems operators of all levels are encouraged to attend. There will be training sessions to support advanced, intermediate, and entry-level users.


The per person workshop attendance fee is $200.00. Payable in advance by check or credit card, or it can be paid on the first morning of the workshop. Please make checks payable to FLIR Systems, Inc., and designate the attendee name(s) on the check.

The fee covers all workshop materials, as well as continental breakfasts, buffet lunches, and a dinner on the second evening of the workshop. Attendees are responsible for their lodging expenses, which are within U.S. Government travel expense limits.


Hotel rooms are guaranteed to FLIR's master room block, so attendees who do not check into the hotel on their given arrival date will be charged for one night's accommodation. If a cancellation notice is given prior to the first day of the workshop, no fees will be incurred.


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